Fee Information

The following fees can be paid by Visa/MasterCard or cash. Payments can divided over time; call CosTran at 919-836-9021. Fees are paid at the time service is given.

Alcohol Drug Assessment/Volunteer or charge related
The fee is $100 for an assessment. This includes faxing or mailing the recommendation to another party if you desire (attorney or probation officer). Of course, you get a copy for your records. 

Alcohol Drug Education/Prime for Life/ADETS
The cost for this class is $10.00 an hour. North Carolina's Alcohol Drug Education Traffic School (ADETS) is a 16-hour class: the total fee is $160.00.  Prime for Life can also meet the needs of anyone needing to attend alcohol drug education.  

Alcohol/Drug Programs
The programs cost 10.00 an hour. A short-term program of 20 hours can be completed in 4 weeks, and a long-term program of 40 hours can be completed in 8 weeks.

Anger Management
When you meet for your assessment, you pay $90. The fee for the anger management class is $400 broken into $50 per class for 8 classes. The total is $490.